This interview was conducted with Jon Krayz of The Krayz on Feb 19, 2003

Q: I'm not to familiar with your history, because I've only heard about you guys maybe two or three years ago, and I heard one song and thought it was amazing. Can you tell us a little bit about your start?

Well we started out with me(Jon) and this other guitar player named Albee started the band in Brooklyn New York at the end of 1994. The underground was mostly filled with hardcore bands (n.y. hardcore was big at the time) and we got into punk and especially oi! so we wanted to start a punk oi! band like thyat because we were in love with the sound and the attitude. The punk oi! scene was tiny in N.Y. at the time. So there it is. We started writing songs and Jamming and making demos.

Q: Who writes your lyrics and what makes a good Krays song?

I ( Jon) write all the lyrics. To me what makes a good Krays song is good intelligent heart felt lyrics, and aggresive and inventive guitar riffs and parts. Thats what we strive for atleast.

Q: You guys are pretty good friends with the NY Rel-X(another great band). How did this friendship start?

Well I (Jon) date the bass player Adi and helped her start the band by being the drummer. The rest just fell into place.

Q: Politics in music... what are your thoughs? Should music be filled with rights and wrongs in our country, or a mix of everything?

Well right and wrongs about the country are too many to list so why bother trying to waste time singing about it. if you have a strong feeling about some policy or something, I guess it's good to speak you mind, but just blasting the country for being shit is boring. Sure things stink, but some things about this country are straight up great so I don't like hearing bands preach about how things suck without being specific about what it is and maybe how we can change it. No bands give solutions, they just complain but don't realise in some countries you can't even complain. The government would be on your ass. Atleast here you can complain all you want in what ever band you like or zine and get very little backlash. I'd rather hear more about feelings than "issues". Its more honest. End of the day I think it's feelings that move us more than anything else.

Q: The punk scene in America overall(anything with a punk tag) is really getting big. How do you feel about the current NY/NJ punk scene?

It's ok I guess. Waves come and go. I guess it's all about the music and the lyrics behing them and right now there are a bunch of good punk bands in the country right now.

Q: What was your first show together and what has been your favorite show so far?

Our first show was in a small bar/club in Manhattan. It was great. a bunch of punk and skins that were all real cool and just alot of fun getting your own shot to express yourself through music. Playing in a band especially a punk band was a great release for me. It got my feelings , thoughts and emotions out. Anger, dissapointment , rage , joy, it can all come out in music and maybe the people hearing it feel the same and dig the sounds and that's what it's all about. My favorite show is hard to pin down. We've played some great small gigs when we started that were juts awesome. A lot of energy. We've also played a few bigger gigs , but felt everyone was on the same level and just having a blast. I think there's just different vibes and I can really judge which one was the best. Beer Olympics in Atlanta is always a great gig.

Q: If you guys could play with any band anywhere in the world who would it be and where?

Maybe the Ruts in London. Or maybe the Jam. Also London. Maybe original line up Misfits at CBGB's.

Q: Random question here... but why is there no love for fat people when it comes to band shirts?

Well bands always try to make larger shirts but they don't sell so well or as fast so maybe it takes longer to re order them if your strapped for cash. You Just order more mediums or something instead of ordering the xxl again that hardly sell.

Q: Any closing words?

Thanks for the interview, some good questions. To anyone struggling out there, thinking of giving in to this or that, don't. Stick to your guns, don't give up, never surrender!

I want to thank Jon for his time, and just fer putting out some good Oi! Thanks man. You can visit The Krays at their website here.